Our Supply Chain System

LDVL strives to be the recognized standard and certification organization for supply chain integrity and sustainability in the global emerging industry of SHAM (Super Hard Material & advance materials).

Just like the most exotic tulip found in nature, the tulips that are grown in a greenhouse are equally rare and beautiful. The same is true for Super hard materials that are produced using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process used in various applications like Precision Machining Applications, Optics, Grinding and Thermal management, Drilling, Electronics, Gem Industry and many more.

Similar to the greenhouse effect, the grown SHAM process replicates what occurs naturally, creating a rare, beautiful and sustainable Carbon element known as Grown Diamond.

The CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process recreates the conditions that is necessary to grow a diamond crystal above the earth’s surface. Let us review the process in brief.


CVD Growth (Chemical Vapor Deposition)


A Diamond Seed is placed in a CVD chamber (just like the greenhouse). Exposed to the high temperature, pressure and appropriate mix of gasses to the super hard plates seed then bonds with carbon atoms and grows atom by atom, layer by layer to create the nature’s marvel.

The Produced Super Hard advance material (SHAM) is Analysed, Planed, Marked &  Shawn : A lab-grown SHAM is analyzed, marked, lasered to get the shape as required for the purpose.

Cutting & Polishing :

Depending upon its application and usages, this material is then finally cut and polish in different sizes and shapes.

Distribution :

The final products are made available for distribution to various industry verticals including Healthcare, Thermal, Drilling, Optics, Precision Machining and Jewelry industry.