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The ultimate engineering materials :

Super-hard materials have the unique power to deliver extreme performance solutions across a number of industries and applications. Our Super-hard materials product range and expertise spans Single Crystalline CVD Diamond, cubic boron nitride, silicon cemented diamond and tungsten carbide.

We help customers to harness the power of Super-hard materials :

Super-hard materials can open the door to progress in a staggering range of applications. We recognize and understand the unique and extreme spectrum of properties of Single Crystalline CVD Diamond, such as its unequalled hardness, which can be harnessed to deliver unrivalled solutions.

Single Crystalline Super-Hard Material’s unique properties :

Single Crystalline Super-Hard Material’s unique properties stem from its rigid lattice structure. Carbon atoms linked together in a dense tetrahedral arrangement make it incredibly strong and give it greater hardness than all other materials.
The exceptional hardness of Single Crystalline Super-Hard Material has inherent advantages in mechanical and abrasive applications. Extending tool life, reduces downtime and drives down operating costs and carbon footprints. Machinery keeps working at peak performance, delivering unwavering build accuracy and precision throughout its life cycle.
However, Single Crystalline Super-Hard Material has many other extreme properties, including the broadest optical transmission spectrum, the highest known thermal conductivity, a wide electronic band gap, the highest known resistance to thermal shock and many others.
Not surprisingly, the use of specialist technology is required for the manufacture and processing of Single Crystalline Super-Hard Material. For example, when Single Crystalline Super-Hard Material is created using high pressure, high temperature synthesis, over 55 thousand atmospheres of pressure are delivered – equivalent to stacking approximately 5000 saloon cars on a jar of peanut butter, at temperatures that would melt steel.