Transforming Thermal Management : CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders

CVD diamond’s thermal management properties address today’s single biggest cause of failure in electronics – heat :
  1. Outperforms copper, silicon carbide and aluminum: by factors of 3-10
  2. Heat spreaders with 4 levels of thermal conductivity available: 1000-2000 W/mk
  3. GaN-on-diamond wafer substrates available: 3 x improvement in heat dissipation while preserving RF performance.
Our expertise ensures ease of customer implementation :
Leo da vinci group helps customers integrate its free standing diamond heat spreaders into their modules and systems
  1. Range of thicknesses available: up to 3mm thick
  2. Very flat and low roughness ensuring ease of attachment and minimized thermal interface resistances.
  3. Free-standing diamond available in large areas up to 140mm in diameter that can be laser cut to any required size.
  4. Metallization solutions enabling die bonding with low thermal barrier resistance, consistent with industry standard soldering and brazing.
Extended device lifetimes for a given power level and increased performance and efficiency :
Leo da vinci group CVD diamond heat spreaders and GaN-on-diamond wafers enable the next generation of :
  1. High Power RF Devices
  2. Optoelectronics Devices
  3. High-Voltage Power Devices
  4. Semiconductor Assembly & Test Equipment.