Neha Choksi

Chief of staff, USA

Neha Choksi is an executive officer in Finance and Administration with over 25 years of experience in New York, USA. She has worked primarily with US Diamond and Jewellery Operations and has established a strong reputation for successfully launching new business units such as hotels, hospitality, and CVD diamond manufacturing. She has been accommodating in assisting the sales and marketing teams with setting up e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, VDB, Polygon, and others.

Neha Choksi is also in charge of the USA operation’s financial affairs, including budgeting, treasury, and taxation. She has successfully obtained financing and borrowings from a variety of banking institutions and government agencies.

Neha Choksi has a Baccalaureate and Master of Commerce degree in Commerce from Mumbai University, India, majoring in Business and Financial Accounting.