Mukesh Khokhar

CTO, India

Mr. Mukesh Khokhar has completed his Bachelor of Technology studies (Mechanical Engineering). Leo Da Vinci Exports Ltd currently employed him as the Production Head and Project Manager. He has five years of experience in the MCVD Diamond Industry and continues to work in it. He also has extensive knowledge of MPCVD Machinery, Process & Recipe, and Cutting & Polishing, among other things. He has extensive experience managing the overall production plant and has completed overseas production projects in Belgium and the United States. With such expertise in the manufacturing process, he is currently in charge of carrying out new factory project expansion in India, including factory construction, layouts, designs, machinery orders, installations, etc. He also has excellent team management and leadership abilities.

Mr. Mukesh Khokhar is also in charge of the development of MPCVD Diamond Production, machine assembly, installation, quality control, and the design of necessary equipment. He is also skilled in Business Communications, Project Management, and Diamond Growing Methods.